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Our Programs


Basmeh & Zeitooneh has had an advocacy unit since October 2016. Supported by Malala Fund, this unit mostly focuses on access to education for Syrian youth. In 2017 we conducted two studies detailing barriers to education and we published two reports. We took the findings of these studies to donors of the Reaching All Children with Education plan, such as the EU, both in Brussels and in Lebanon, and several embassy representatives. We also talked to influential people at the Ministry of Education to relay our recommendations. Basmeh & Zeitooneh does most of this lobbying work in close collaboration with other NGOs, and is an active member of the Working Group for People Affected by the Syrian Displacement Crisis. Supported by the European Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP) the unit also worked on a market study to determine how organizations like Basmeh & Zeitooneh can collaborate with other NGOs to improve livelihood programming for Syrian women and youth in the Bekaa Valley. With the help of Parallel Perspective Consulting (Q perspective) we are planning to pilot a project together with five other NGOs working in the area of Bar Elias. Basmeh & Zeitooneh aims to relay the recommendations of the people that we work for, and who’s basic rights are not being fulfilled, to influential people in power. As such, the findings of our research are always published in English and Arabic and relayed back to the communities that we work for, and the participants in the study, to allow for commentary and feedback.