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Stories from the Field

Empowering Farmers: Mahmoud's Journey with the Agriforward Project

Empowering Farmers: Mahmoud's Journey with the Agriforward Project

Mahmoud is a 70-year-old seasoned farmer in Tal Hayat, Akkar. For over three decades, Mahmoud has dedicated himself to agriculture, cultivating crops alongside his family since 1984. Married with three sons and three daughters, all actively involved in farming, Mahmoud's household is deeply rooted in the agricultural traditions of their region.

Their primary crops include potatoes, followed by eggplant or zucchini. Mahmoud's journey with the Agriforward project began when he learned about it through the municipality's collaboration with Basmeh & Zeitooneh to outreach to farmers like him.

By offering specialized training programs, the Agriforward project seeks to empower farmers and agricultural laborers. Through the project's training sessions, Mahmoud and his family gained valuable insights into agricultural practices. Mahmoud stated, "We gained insight into the appropriate types and quantities of fertilizers and chemicals necessary to nourish our plants effectively, without posing any harm." Additionally, they received a Venturi filter for their greenhouses.

The Venturi filter, utilized for fertilizer and chemical injection through a drip irrigation system, significantly enhanced Mahmoud's farming efficiency. He explained, "By delivering liquid nutrients directly to the roots of our plants, fertigation seamlessly integrates into our irrigation process, leading to healthier crops and higher yields."

Beyond the tangible benefits, Mahmoud underscores the significance of the connections cultivated through the project. "By engaging with fellow farmers, I not only shared valuable insights but also broadened my network, enriching both my knowledge and practices," he emphasized.

For Mahmoud, caring for the land goes beyond mere cultivation—it's a reciprocal relationship. The knowledge gained through the Agriforward project empowered Mahmoud and his family to implement sustainable farming practices, ensuring that the land thrives while providing them with a livelihood.

The Agriforward project is implemented in collaboration with World Vision, the House of Peace - دار السلام, and supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Save the Children Lebanon, and the Lebanese Organisation for Studies and Training. Together with Basmeh & Zeitooneh, these organizations form a consortium to advance this initiative.