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Nabaa is a residential district located in the eastern part of Beirut. The neighbourhood has a long history of housing refugees in times of need, including Armenians, Palestinians, Iraqis, and, most recently, Syrians, who were forced to leave their homes as a result of the conflict. Yet the limited educational and employment opportunities in the area affect the host community as well as the large refugee community, and Basmeh and Zeitooneh established a community center there to address the needs of both populations in the area. The center began its first program in September of this year: a psychosocial support project targeting children, youth and caregivers. There is also a caseworker based in the center to offer additional support to those attending the program, as well as to carry out referrals to other NGOs in the area. Nabaa is Basmeh and Zeitooneh’s newest community center, and we are working side-by-side with the local residents (whether Lebanese or refugee) in order to identify community needs and address them in our future projects.