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Lebanon Street Sport Relief

In 2017, Basmeh & Zeitooneh in collaboration with GAME NGO, launched the “Lebanon Street Sport Relief” project, across all of our centers. With 1 zone manager and 9 playmakers, the main objective is to teach children key life skills through football, also fostering social cohesion. The project provides the opportunity for children in marginalized areas to enjoy recreational and objective oriented games. The objectives include the organization of street sports in residential areas, giving children new skills in street basketball, street football and street dance. These activities facilitate the provision of important values such as respect, fairness, and acceptance in order to help develop skills in communications, and dealing with others respectfully. In addition, it helps to build friendships and decrease any negative feelings of isolation, hopelessness or loneliness. Thus the “Lebanon Street Sport Relief”” project benefits aspects of the individual level, community level, and social level.