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 “We Love Bar Elias.”

A social cohesion initiative, which works to undermine the stereotypes of the relationships between the Lebanese and Syrians. Future Together Now Program.

“After engaging in the PSS sessions he started to become happier, he is not shy anymore, he even made friends.”

Abed’s Mother, 11 years old boy, Peace Education Program.

“The program taught us to focus on our strengths and deal with our weaknesses.”

Hajar, attended the business course, Small Grants Program.

“When I worked on my self- portrait, I felt that all the bad things inside me went out. I wish that the sessions never ended.” 

Hayat, 32 years old mother, Protection Program/Expressive Art Therapy Project.

“I love this school and the teacher, I’m not feeling lonely anymore because i have a lot of friends now”

Huda,10 years old, Non Formal Education Program.