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Three Moments Stood Out For Me...

Three Moments Stood Out For Me...

Friends – The second week was as exciting as the first. Three moments stood out for me.


  • Yasmin Kiyali’s e-mail. On Wednesday Yasmin sent the leadership team an e-mail confirming
    that an Asian Foundation would pay for a new school in Shatila. Well done Yasmin! With
    three schools in the B&Z portfolio, we will be responsible for educating over 2,000 children.
    This is a heavy – but delightful – responsibility

  • A visit to Shatila on Monday. Shatila is a place that gives me energy. It’s a difficult place but
    also a place full of life and possibility. I particularly enjoyed taking part in a peace studies
    class. I would like to give credit to Nawal, Yaseen, Ahmed, Shaddi and Ahsam. The class was
    a joyful event. The children loved having a chance to tell their own stories.

  • A visit to Bar Elias on Tuesday. This community centre is surrounded by tent villages. If you
    want proof that B&Z is a “front-line” NGO closely connected to the people it serves – then
    Bar Elias is the place to go. I had a good time talking to Hosam, Kauthar and Waleed in small
    grants. They are quite simply changing people’s lives.

  • A low point. I am learning Arabic. I spend at least six hours a week learning Arabic. I ought to be better than I am. In front of the Bar Elias employees I tried a few words of well-rehearsed Arabic “My name is Richard. I work for Basmeh and Zeitooneh”. People looked at me blankly. They had not understood a word. Apparently, I need to improve my pronunciation.Yateek Alafeeah. Richard.

In the next few weeks I would like to meet as many of you as I can. Thank you for the work that you are doing.


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