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Our Programs

Education Program

B&Z first launched its Education Program in 2014 to accommodate Syrian refugee children unable to access a safe and inclusive formal education within Shatila Camp. In our first year, we had 300 students, and by 2019, that number has risen to 1,380.

In March 2020, after the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, we switched to online education. Today more than 2,849 students continue learning online on Tabshoura Platform, using their new tablets, in both Bar Elias Bekaa, and Shatila Camp.

B&Z aims to serve refugee children in a safe and inclusive learning environment where the well-being of the children is of utmost importance. That's why we have an incredible support team for psychosocial aid that includes a nurse, a social worker, and a case manager.

Our goal is to involve the parents in the learning center as well as their child's education by conducting awareness sessions along with parent-teacher meetings.
B&Z is accredited by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education (LMEHE) to implement the following non-formal education programs:

  • Basic Literacy and Numeracy (BLN)
  • Youth Literacy and Numeracy
  • Community Based Early Childhood Education (CBECE)
  • Learning Support