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Stories from the Field

Cultivating Skills: Fatima's Development with the Agriforward

Cultivating Skills: Fatima's Development with the Agriforward

Meet Fatima, a 46-year-old single resident of the Semmaqiyeh area in Akkar, Lebanon, where agriculture is not just a livelihood but a way of life. Fatima and her family, comprising her mother and four sisters, have long been involved in agriculture, cultivating crops like carrots and spinach alongside fellow community members.

Fatima's journey with the Agriforward project began when she learned about it through the municipality, which collaborated with Basmeh & Zeitooneh to reach out to farmers in the area. With her experience working in greenhouses, Fatima saw an opportunity to enhance her skills.

The Agriforward project aims to empower farmers and agricultural workers by providing specialized training courses. Through sessions focusing on technical and personal skills, participants like Fatima gain knowledge essential for sustainable agriculture. Thanks to the training provided by Basmeh & Zeitooneh, Fatima has learned to distinguish between common misconceptions in agriculture and has gained insights into soil examination techniques and water testing methods. Fatima expressed, 'I had misconceptions before. What I thought was fungi turned out to be calcium deficiency. I also learned proper crop planting techniques, as I used to do so randomly, and how to effectively scatter seeds.

Fatima has received essential tools such as water pumps, pesticides, drip irrigation hoses, and nylon rolls for soil protection, which have proven useful, especially during stormy days and river floods. These resources have enabled her to replace damaged parts and sustain her agricultural endeavors.

Reflecting on her experience, Fatima expressed her gratitude, stating, "I am thankful to Basmeh & Zeitooneh for their support. I hope to see more projects like Agriforward, especially in agricultural regions like ours." Her story highlights the significant impact of initiatives like Agriforward in empowering individuals and communities to thrive in their livelihoods.

Fatima's journey underscores the importance of providing support and opportunities for individuals like her to succeed in their chosen endeavors, contributing to the long-term sustainability and prosperity of their communities.

The Agriforward project is implemented in collaboration with World Vision, the House of Peace - دار السلام, and supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Save the Children Lebanon, and the Lebanese Organisation for Studies and Training. Together with Basmeh & Zeitooneh, these organizations form a consortium to advance this initiative.