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Shelter Renovation

The Shelter Renovation program was set up in Shatila refugee camp, an area suffering from a highly fragile infrastructure. Many of the homes in the camp lack basic necessities such as working plumbing, lockable doors and running water, and the poor electrical system often creates life-threatening hazards. Our Shelter Renovation team works on the camp's worst-affected homes, in order to increase the protection of the families and improve their standard of living. 

The main renovations include plumbing, mending electric fixtures, and replacing or installing doors and windows; refrigerators, heaters or fans are also provided where needed. By purchasing all the materials from the camp, we aim to contribute to the local economy, while we also make sure that all workers are hired from the camp in order to provide job opportunities in a struggling labor market. This year, we began enrolling apprentices, who are trained by the workers, and receive financial compensation as well as new, transferable skills.