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Stories from the Field

The Liberated Me (Hayat's Success Story)

The Liberated Me (Hayat's Success Story)

Hayat is a 32-year-old woman who lives in Marj with her family – 17 people in the same house. She has 2 kids, and her husband is detained. She hated the place she lived in and the way her children and herself were treated

She was registered at Basmeh & Zeitooneh’s community center to learn #sewing and #English. When she heard about the painting #sessions (expression through art), she enrolled just to escape the environment she lived in. At first, she was skeptical about drawing and coloring like children, but later realized that drawing is effective in relieving stress and provides an outlet for emotional trauma. In her opinion, this medium of expression was more effective than just talking: “First, I was not excited to attend these sessions, but now I am planning to complete my education and focus on art. That was the first time I have shared my experience with people but I discovered that sharing experiences is amazing. When I worked on myself-portrait, I saw that all the bad things inside me went out. I wish that the sessions never ended

Now, Hayat started seeing a psychologist, and gradually her psycho-social wellbeing is improving. According to the Social Worker; “she started becoming more social, and started laughing more. She also started #painting with passion, and has become one of the best painters in the group.”

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