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Stories from the Field

Maya's Success Story

Maya's Success Story

Maya is a 7-year-old Syrian girl, suffering from many physical disabilities. No school or center would enroll her into their programs given her special needs. This led her to be an introvert, shy and unable to express her feelings.

"She used to be very shy and confused whenever someone said her name. She didn't speak with anyone and didn't move from her place, but sometimes she used to get angry at people for no reason. She also had problems with her bones so she couldn't walk or run properly.” her mother says

With the help of her friends and the facilitators, at peace education sessions, Maya developed some basic #communication_skills and started to express her #feelings, despite having speech difficulties. She participated in the activities, answered the questions addressed to her and remembered the dates of the #sessions. She began to grow and develop psychologically.

“Her appetite for food increased, she started to eat more and started to drink milk something she refused to do before. She has also become less shy, she used to cry if someone bothered her but now she tells me right away. She is more independent, she knows and understands her body and can control her movements. When you look into Maya’s eyes, there’s a spark of happiness now and that is enough for me, it makes me very happy.”


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