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Refugee Protection Watch Policy Brief - February 2021

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: Winter Needs, Lack of Access to COVID-19 Assistance and Pressure to Return

The situation in Lebanon has been steadily deteriorating, and is projected to get much worse.

The financial crisis and COVID-19 lockdowns have crippled the economy, with inflation of the local currency leading

to an ever-increasing price of goods and services for many. More than half of the Lebanese population has fallen

below the poverty line in the last few months, and the Minister of Social Affairs has stated that 70% of the

Lebanese population will soon be in need of aid. Tensions between disenfranchised communities and 

the Lebanese government are growing by the day due to the recent extension of the full lockdown imposed by the

government, which has been extended until at least February 8. While the Lebanese population continues to suffer

from the political neglect of its ruling class, Syrian refugees in Lebanon – a community that was already in a

precarious situation before the economic crisis – are now more vulnerable than ever, facing increasing threats to

their basic needs, as well as personal safety.



Refugee Protection Watch Policy Brief - February 2021