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Ramadan Giving

Ramadan Giving

A big thank you to everyone who supported Basmeh and Zeitooneh’s #remember_ramadan campaign during this holy month and #Eid_El_Fitr. The relief team has managed to provide the following:

#Shatila camp:

#Iftar#gifts, and new clothes for 742 children
Iftar for 100 families
Food Baskets for 86 families
Food Vouchers for 108 families
New Clothes for 200 families
In addition to financial amounts specified by the donors: 
100,000 LL for 70 families
$100 for 30 families 
$200 for 6 families

Food vouchers and Clothes vouchers for 446 B&Z learning center school students and their parents

Food Vouchers for 108 Families

Clothes Vouchers for 200 children

Your support eased the challenging circumstances for many families during Eid.

May your year be blessed!


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