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Beirut's Explosion

Beirut's Explosion

On August 4, 2020, around 18:15, two massive explosions rocked Beirut killing at least 100 people and injuring thousands more. It sent an enormous blast wave across the city that flattened nearby buildings to the floor, shattered windows, knocked down doors, and shook buildings.
The Lebanese people awoke to a new sense of vulnerability this morning, the day after one of the most shocking events to have struck the city and severely spreading destruction to the closeby affected neighborhoods like Karantina, Achrafieh, Dawra, and Bourj Hammoud.

The shock wave raced through the densely populated residential areas affecting more than 750,000 individuals residing within the radius of more than 9 KM away from the blast site leaving families out on the streets with no food, shelter, and even emergency medical care.
Our field teams are currently distributed in Karantina, Borj Hammoud, Dawra, and Ashrafieh to identify and assess the urgent needs of the residents, mainly providing essential assistance including food, water, shelter, and medical aid.

Besides the catastrophe caused by the blast, the COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting Lebanon hard with more than 5000 recorded cases and numbers increasing by the day; in addition to the economic crisis, the country is suffering since October.

Lebanon's situation is beyond catastrophic. The Lebanese people are in shock. Too much loss is affecting everyone residing in Lebanon today.
Save Beirut, donate, and share our campaign.


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