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Amazing Initiative To Support B&Z

Amazing Initiative To Support B&Z

After visiting our education centers in both Shatila and Bekaa, Jade Brazi a volunteer, decide to create a fundraise to help support our Education Program.
Visit the link to learn more and support us in continuing our mission.
Thank you Jade


The principle of humanity is about how to preserve and maintain life and dignity of population affected by armed conflict. I am encouraging you to read this message entirely from a human perspective, without any geopolitical, religious, economic context or other, think human to human. 
"Basmeh & Zeitooneh" ("smile and olive") is a non-governmental organisation, since its foundation in 2012, it has helped 100,000 people living between 7 camps in Lebanon and 2 in Turkey. to help  Syrian refugees. 
It has been seven years since 5 million Syrians have been forced to live far from their loved ones, their homes and everything they care about. 
Without electricity, without water, without ventilation, they thank God every day to exist and be part of this world. 
The living conditions on the camps are shocking and very difficult. 
For having seen it, I cannot remain silent. We do not have sufficient funds to support the costs of the necessary needs for their survival and well-being. If you want to help them, a little something is worth all the gold in the world for them.

Non-Formal Education Program

More than 50 % of all Syrian refugees are children and more than 50% of those are without education, according to UNHCR. Imagine spending five years of your childhood living in such nightmare. Watching your loved ones, family, home and school being apart by conflicts. School is the one thing that can bring the stability and security children so desperately needed in such times of conflict.

Basmeh and Zeitooneh has established Learning Centers for Syrian students aged between six and fifteen years old. It was specifically designated for those students whose education was disrupted by the conflict, and who are not able to be enroll in Lebanese public schools. Our Learning Center provides these children access to the Lebanese educational curriculum, teaching English, French, Arabic, Science and Mathematics, with a particular focus on language learning, in order to enable students to readily adapt to Lebanese public schools.
The education program runs alongside the organization’s Peace Education Program in Shatila, which provides recreational and creative activities to improve the children psychological well-being. 
The Learning Center has served over 700 students in the past year and is the only educational program of its scale available for Syrian children in Shatila refugee camp.

Peace Education Program

Many of Syrian refugee children in Lebanon and Turkey are living in extreme conditions and have little access to treatment for the trauma they experience during war and displacement.  As a matter of fact, their psychological state has been worsened by the social and educational exclusion they have been through. Our Peace Education program was launched in response to this situation, and it seeks to provide recreational and creative activities to refugee children.
The sessions help the children to express themselves creatively, release stress, and enhance their cooperation with their peers, aiming to increase their resilience. These sessions are also based on particular themes, including: self-expression and self-confidence, personal identity, personal boundaries, social identities, communication and dialogue, conflict, the rights of the child, and gender equality. The curriculum was designed by Basmeh & Zeitooneh and is based on a wealth of on-the-ground experience in this area.

The funds will be dedicated to those programs especially for furniture, books, social workers, psychologists, teachers and the rent of facilities. All the while, we aspire to live up to our name by bringing smiles and peace to those we serve. In Arabic “basmeh” means smile and “zeitonneh” means olive: symbol of peace and nourishment

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