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Small Grants

This program was set up in order to train disadvantaged women in small business management, and help them set up small profit-making enterprises. The participants of the program take part in a specially-designed training course, with modules in project management, accounting, marketing and sales, quality and risk management, among others. Having completed the course, the participants can apply for a grant with which to set up their own small business. Rather than providing direct cash assistance, the program gives them the opportunity to provide for themselves over the longer term and reduce their dependency on aid agencies.

Following the pilot cycle of the program, it was expanded to include men as well as women. This change was made in recognition of the highly limited job market, which affects both men and women, and the high demand for this program among the local community. The program as a whole provides vulnerable women and men from the Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese communities with means for economic empowerment, and personal and professional development.