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Ways to Get Involved Online:

  • Online Donations: Basmeh & Zeitooneh encourages online donations, however small the amount.

Your online donations are important because:

  1. We need additional support to sustain our unfunded projects
  2. We use such donations to support the most vulnerable families that lack a breadwinner by providing them with food, medical coverage and rent assistance.

While all donations are valuable to the organization, we particularly encourage supporters to make regular small donations rather than a one-off donation, in order to increase sustainability.

To Donate online please visit:

Donate Here

In addition, you can donate through Western Union or a Basmeh & Zeitooneh mediator if you are outside Lebanon. You can email us at to make any arrangements.
*All donors will get a receipt for the donations they make to Basmeh & Zeitooneh.

  • Become an Ambassador

    Who are B&Z’s Ambassadors?

    Basmeh & Zeitooneh’s ambassadors are dedicated and passionate about changing people’s lives. They believe that together we can make a difference in the lives of many women, men and children who have been displaced, traumatized and abused. Ambassadors inspire others to come together and get involved to support the communities that we work with. It is our wish that, one day, there will be a Basmeh & Zeitooneh Ambassador in every major city around the world.

    B&Z’s Ambassador Role:

    1. Become familiar with our mission, values and our humanitarian work.

    2. Promote B&Z’s mission with your community by spreading the word and highlighting our efforts.

    3. Follow us on social media, share, get other people to engage.

    4. Raise donations by organizing small events in your community, like small parties, dinners, garage sale, or any other creative idea!

    5. Create fundraising campaigns on social media to help support our programs.


    • Join a community of like-minded people.

    • You can include it in your CV.

    • Actively help to support the Syrian refugees.


    • Raise 5,000 USD: spend a day in one of our community centers, 1 free item of the Women’s Workshop.

    • Raise 10,000 USD: spend a day in our center and 3 free items of the Women’s Workshop.

    • Raise 20,000 USD: spend a day in one of our community centers, 3 personalized free items of the Women’s Workshop, a free painting from the Art Therapy Workshop and Thank you note on our media platforms.

    • Get 5 persons to commit to make monthly donations: get 1 personalized items from the Women’s Workshop.

    • Get 10 persons to commit to make monthly donations: get 2 personalized items from the Women’s Workshop.

             To become a B&Z Ambassador contact us:

  • Fundraise for Basmeh and Zeitooneh: If you have an idea for a fundraising event, such as a concert, art exhibition or any other initiative, you can contact us for materials and publicity at: 

For any other requests/ideas, please message us using the space below. 

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