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Bike For Syria

Bike For Syria
From 25/08/2018 To 25/12/2018
Belgium To Syria
Tom will cycle to Syria and he needs your help!

This solidarity campaign puts the focus on two basic values, humanity and dignity. Driven by this, he wants to provide humanitarian and financialhelp to war victims in Syria and he wants to raise awareness concerning the daily shocking and inhuman situation in the Middle East country.

Tom Criel will cycle on the 25th of August 2018 from Ghent – Belgium – to the border with Syria in Lebanon. The trip is around 3700 kilometers and to be able to realize this campaign he will need a lot of fans to support him. People can become a fan by ‘pushing or screaming’ him ahead by financing him for every kilometer that he has to bike. 

After his arrival, he will personally and directly deliver the entire  amount of donations to a local charity organization called ‘Basmeh & Zeitooneh’ and he will start volunteering with them in the field. 

Relief & Development’, which is the English name of the ngo, puts his focus on humanitarian aid for people who have been affected by war.

The money that we collect will be used for two specifiek programs of the organization:

1) Peace Education program:

Many of Syrian refugee children in Lebanon and Turkey are living in very difficult conditions, and have little access to treatment for the trauma they experienced during war and displacement. In fact, their psychological state is being worsened by social and educational exclusion. Our Peace Education program was launched in response to this situation, and it seeks to provide recreational and creative activities to refugee children.

The sessions help the children to express themselves creatively, release stress, and enhance their cooperation with their peers, aiming to increase their resilience. These sessions are also based on particular themes, including: self-expression and self-confidence, personal identity, personal boundaries, social identities, communication and dialogue, conflict, the rights of the child, and gender equality. The curriculum was designed by Basmeh & Zeitooneh, and is based on a wealth of on-the-ground experience in this area.


2) Relief program:

The main focus of the Relief program is to provide basic assistance to the most vulnerable members of the community, focusing on areas where few other NGOs work. We provide food and non-food relief, as well as assistance with rent where appropriate; the non-food relief includes mattresses, blankets, hygiene kits and diapers. The Relief department carries out vulnerability assessments on a rolling basis, taking into account the number of children within the family, sources of income, and registration in other relief programs. We consider our Relief program to be of central importance, since it is the pillar through which refugees are able to establish and maintain a relationship of trust with the organization. Having accessed this basic support, they are then better placed to access our other services through the community center, such as protection and education services.  


Besides those two programs they also organize help in:

- Protection;
- Non - Formal Education;
- Women workshops;
- Small Grants;
- Shelter renovations;

Relief and Development has been analyzed for months by the Bike For Syria team and the biggest charity organization in Belgium, 11.11.11. They highly recommended the NGO to be 100 % trustable and transparant.

For more information you can surf to there website:

Tom has saved enough money for his cycling trip. So 100 % of the donations will be used to finance the programs above.

By organizing events, sells and free donations we already collected almost 18 000 euro! 

So we are almost there to achieve our ambitions goal of 20 000 euro! 

One of the flea markets that we joined to raise money

You can also follow the trip on Facebook, Bike For Syria.  On this page he will keep everybody informed concerning his cycling tour and the aid that he is providing with the money that has been collected.

So please help Tom to realize his goal of 20 000 euro so he can arrive with enough funds to help the local Syrian communities to create a normal life again after this horrible war.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us by Facebook, by mail or by phone +324 87 50 55 62.

Help us to help the helpless, support Bike For Syria. 

‘When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace’